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Douglas County is very fortunate to have the amenities that people are looking forward in locating here. We have a great climate for growing a variety of produce, great location on the I-5 corridor, great medical facilities with Mercy Medical Center and the Veterans Hospital, located near great outdoor recreation with hunting and fishing, biking, and golf, and the lists go on. However, what concerns me the most is that our population is aging with over ½ of those of us that live in Douglas County are over 55. What that means is that we are losing our best and brightest young people who choose to move because of the lack of employment and limited opportunities, that we offer them.
We need to do something about this and in May 2012 our Umpqua Community College will be asking the homeowners of our area to pass a $40 million dollar bond levy that will be used to construct 3 new facilities. This bond levy will cost the average home owner about $58 per year over a 25 year period and will offer a new Allied Health building, a Technology building and a south county facility which will provide our area with much needed jobs and training for our students now and for years to come.
As chairman of this campaign I am asking for your support because it will take all of us to work hard in our county to get our county rolling again. We have a great opportunity to turn the tides of this very crippling economy by passage of this levy because it will have over a $200 million dollar impact on our local economy. Also, the state of Oregon will provide a $8.5 million matching construction grant and with construction costs down plus this grant, we are afforded a golden opportunity to give our county residents hope for the future. We are asking the property owners to invest into our future so we can stem the tide of losing our young people and improve our local economy. This project is a win-win for our county. So please help us get out the message and vote for passage of this very important issue. If you want more information on the levy or would like to help us, feel free to contact me.
As we compare November 2010 with November 2011, closed sales fell from 66 to 64. Pending sales grew from 74 to 75 and new listings increased by 37.5% from 96 to 132. Historically November is a slower month in Douglas County as far as real estate sales and our stats reflects that trend. On a month to month basis, Douglas County showed declining sales activity when comparing the previous month of October 2011 with November 2011. Closed sales decreased from 73 to 64 (-12.3%), and pending sales fell from 93 to 75 (-19.4%). New listings saw a rise of +7.3%, up from 123 to 132.
When comparing November 2010 to November 2011, the average sales price dropped 6.0% ($165,700 v. $155,800). However, a comparison of the month prior October 2011 to November, shows a +11.1% rise in the average sales ($140,200 v. $155,800). The average sales year to date is down -2.0% ($155,600 v. $152,500).
We want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Be sure to include all of Military troops and their families in your thoughts and prayers during this time for all that they do to help us enjoy our liberties. God Bless all of you and your loved ones, and God Bless America.

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